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How to Repair a Tent Pole in 30 Seconds

How to Repair a Tent Pole

A small length of PVC pipe can be slipped over a broken section of fiberglass tent pole

Let me guess. You have a tent that you bought on sale at Wal Mart. You’re on the big Girl Scout Father-Daughter campout at Lake Winimichonka. You go to set up your tent, and you trip, head first, into a fully assembled, fiberglass tent pole, and snap the thing like it was a twig. Hope you didn’t get any fiberglass in you. So how do you repair a tent pole?

Well, not that you’ll likely have any way to really fix it now that you’re out there, and everyone is laughing at you. But, on the way home, pick up a small length of PVC pipe at your home center store. The smallest diameter size is what you need. Cut the PVC to be about 14″ long. Carefully slip the PVC pipe over the broken section of your tent pole, and you’ll be ready for the next time you go camping.

Be really careful handling the broken tent pole because fiberglass splinters have a bad habit of having to be removed surgically from your hand. And no, that’s not in the Girl Scout manual. I checked.


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