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The Tools every good trout fisherman needs

A man is only as good as his tools. That adage is true in many different professions and hobbies, and fishing is no different. For trout fishing in particular, there are four different pieces of fishing gear that every angler would benefit from having in his arsenal. High-quality fishing hooks One of the best things any fisherman can have in his arsenal is good hooks. What makes a good trout hook? First of all, the hooks must be sharp. If, in the past, you have found that your hooks have gotten snagged or that you have lost fish off of your hook, the problem could be that they are not sharp enough. Purchasing new hooks or sharpening the ones you have can help you catch more fish. Dull hooks are the primary reason why fishermen lose fish. Good-quality, sharp hooks present the bat to the fish in a natural and enticing matter. To draw fish to the hook, the hook should be able to make the bait simulate the way it looks in nature. Gang hooks are one of the best options, as they … [Read more...]

Snake Bite: Do You Need a Snake Bite Kit? Really?

Snake Bite and Your Mother For years, mothers have been telling us to watch out for  snake bites. Can't you just hear her now? "Bring your snake bite kit with you, honey, on your little hunting trip....". But, for as many years, doctors have scoffed at our mothers, telling them the chances of receiving a bite are eeney-weeney. "Eeeney-weeney" is a medical term; I didn't make it up. And, the  effectiveness of those old timey snake bite kits is terrible because, well, frankly, they sucked. Sucked as in they didn't suck, or didn't draw out any venom, anyway. Not to mention that in the old kits, the instructions said to take this little razor blade and slice yourself a few times first. Yeah, that sounds fun. Today, things are different. Makes me glad I didn't get bitten back in the 80's. A Snake Bite Kit that Works? No Way But, apparently there's a new-fangled kind of snake bite kit that your mother wants you to take a look at. But, before you bother reading the rest of this … [Read more...]

Whitetail hunting: Tips for after the shot

You're in your deer stand. It's opening morning. Finally, you hear the slightest sounds, perhaps it's a deer moving ever so quietly through the brush. It's a beautiful buck. You aim very carefully, touch off the trigger, and watch as the buck kicks out it's back legs, hits the ground and starts running. Your shot didn't drop this particular deer in it's tracks, but it's still a killing shot. But, what should you do now? Here are some tips for after the shot. Wait 30 mins Particularly if you have lots of daylight left, it's best to not get out of your stand right now. Wait thirty minutes. Why? Because at this point, you've shot the deer, it's run off, and frankly, it doesn't know what just happened. The deer doesn't know you're even there. If you get down immediately, in his current state of alarm, he will hear you, his adrenaline will kick in, and he'll run off even further. Wait 30 minutes. Stay very quiet. This gives the deer a chance to quickly find a spot to lay down, and not … [Read more...]

Build a Fulcrum to Lift and Field Dress Your Deer

Tired of using that stupid pulley system to lift your whitetail deer off the ground for field dressing? Well, say hello to my little friend. A fulcrum can lift your deer right off the ground, or right out of the back of your pickup truck so that you can field dress it. Lifting a deer with this fulcrum requires only sixty pounds of pressure to be able to lift a 220 lb. deer. Not bad. Oh wait. You say you'd rather take out that stupid pulley system that has that ridiculous, thin, nylon rope that bites into your hands every time you use it? Well have a good time there, mister. Meanwhile, I'll casually back the truck up to the fulcrum, attach the gambrell, and gently hoist the deer up in the air just using one hand. This fulcrum is made of the following: Two 8 foot 2x4s One 12 foot 4x4 One bag of dry cement One large hook One large bolt with nut One 4 foot piece of rope Two 2 foot pieces of chain A few nails You should be able to tell by the advanced schematic … [Read more...]

How to Lock your Deerstand Ladder Using Plywood

You've gotten permission from the land owner, scouted your area, and even put in a few hours of work building a nice little deerstand up in that maple tree. In fact, you even banged your thumb with that gall-darn hammer in the process. Anyway, it's a few weeks before opening day of deer season and you are excited to return on the big day to sit in your new stand. But when you return, something is amiss. The stand looks like someone else has been in it! And to make matters worse, there's a shell casing on the ground. And it's not your caliber! Someone has snuck onto this land and hunted from your deerstand without permission. And, they've harvested your deer! If only there was some way to lock a ladder stand.... The Problem with your Tree Stand Ladder It doesn't have to be this way. Locking a ladder stand is not impossible. It just takes a little thinking. If you lock your ladder, no one would be able to access it, except you. Most of the time, us hunters want to lock our … [Read more...]