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Snake Bite: Do You Need a Snake Bite Kit? Really?

Snake Bite and Your Mother For years, mothers have been telling us to watch out for  snake bites. Can't you just hear her now? "Bring your snake bite kit with you, honey, on your little hunting trip....". But, for as many years, doctors have scoffed at our mothers, telling them the chances of receiving a bite are eeney-weeney. "Eeeney-weeney" is a medical term; I didn't make it up. And, the  effectiveness of those old timey snake bite kits is terrible because, well, frankly, they sucked. Sucked as in they didn't suck, or didn't draw out any venom, anyway. Not to mention that in the old kits, the instructions said to take this little razor blade and slice yourself a few times first. Yeah, that sounds fun. Today, things are different. Makes me glad I didn't get bitten back in the 80's. A Snake Bite Kit that Works? No Way But, apparently there's a new-fangled kind of snake bite kit that your mother wants you to take a look at. But, before you bother reading the rest of this … [Read more...]

Hunting Videos: Funniest Hunting Video Ever

Listen, I'm sure we're going to receive all kinds of hate-mail on this, but we couldn't  help but post it. Hunting videos like this are rare, and make us laugh. We don't advocate the idea of you kicking of a wild pig, but we do advocate the idea of laughing so hard that the coffee we're drinking comes out of our noses. If you like funny hunting videos, watch this one.   What other funny hunting videos can you point us to? Tell us in the comments. … [Read more...]

Bambi hunting? How my kids figured out hunting.

When my kids were little, one thing I was concerned about was that although I would tell them I was a hunter, they didn't really understand what that meant. And I wasn't just hunting, I was Bambi hunting at that. I was afraid if I told them I hunted deer, and then they later watched the Disney movie Bambi, they would be horrified having finally understood that hunters kill deer. In my terms, we harvest deer, but that's a story for another day. Keep in mind we're talking about two little girls who were growing up in the city. It's not like we were out on the farm where harvesting animals is just a way of life. This is something they were not exposed to. The most they knew of deer hunting was simply that Papa goes away for a couple of days, and when he returns there is deer meat and ice in the cooler. It's not like they'd be off at preschool and their friends would talk about how their dads went Bambi hunting too. So then the day came when it was time to watch Disney's Bambi. We … [Read more...]

Why men hunt deer – a look at what’s inside us

If you don't understand why men hunt, read this A father writes to his daughters. Why do men hunt and kill beautiful animals if they don't need the food?  I figured that although you two are used to having me talk about hunting, some day you are probably going to question it. Most people do not hunt, nor do they understand hunting. Why do men hunt and kill animals when they don't need food? You two are growing up hearing about it, so it may come more natural to you than to others, but let me try to explain it a little further. Autumn Some men find that certain feelings arise in them once the leaves on the trees turn. There's something in the air during autumn. It stirs a man’s blood a little. It’s similar to men that love to watch football. Once the fall comes around, they feel an excitement building. I can go through the whole year not really thinking about hunting. But then, the summer ends, and fall begins. That is when my mind turns towards the woods. It took me many … [Read more...]