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Fall Apart Venison Roast

All you need is a venison roast of whatever size you like. First, follow the aging process. If you don't do that, then be prepared for your roast to taste gamey. Ingredients: One venison roast 2-5 lbs A dutch oven, roasting pan, or oven bag Carrots, onions, salt, pepper, garlic, red potatoes Instructions: Age the venison properly Season the roast with salt and pepper to taste. Cover with some carrots, onion slices, and chopped garlic. Surround the roast with red potatoes Seal tightly and place in the oven at 205 degrees F. For larger roasts, you'll need eight hours. For smaller, perhaps only four. This can also do nicely in a crock pot, but the Dutch oven is my preference. Your roast should fall apart when pulled with a fork. If not, it's not done yet. … [Read more...]

Venison Recipes: A Great, Simple Venison Marinade

Want your venison steaks to taste like real cow steaks? Well I can't quite get you all the way there, but this will get you very close. Some people will have no idea they're eating venison.   Age the meat You want to impress your girlfriend? Don't skip this step. Don't know how to age venison? Read this article. Marinade A very simple yet awesome marinade is to use Dales sauce. Tenderize the steaks. I love to use a Jackard to do that Add deer steaks to a ziplock bag. Pour in a few tablespoons of Dales. Add a couple of slices if fresh garlic. Place in fridge for a half our or overnight. Drain the excess and then lightly coat the steals with butter. Nothing tastes bad with butter on it. Toss into a red hot grill, like a Komodo style grill, or sear the steaks with a cast iron skillet and cook as normal.   Now, for the most important part. Don't sit down at the dinner table all nice-like with a cloth napkin in your lap. No! This is venison man! … [Read more...]

How to Make Venison Barbeque

One of life's little pleasures is to be able to make your own pull-apart barbeque out of the venison you bring home. It's harder to do than pork, that's for sure, but venison can be made into good barbeque. How to Make Venison barbeque? Read on, we'll show you how to impress  your friends. Things to keep in mind when asking How to Make Venison Barbecue Venison is leaner than pork, which is not a good thing when it comes to barbeque. Venison needs to be aged, no matter how you cook it (read this: How to get the gamey taste out of venison) Take your time, don't rush it. You'll need a good smoker, even though you could do this in an oven or crockpot (you just wont get all that smokey goodness, that's all). Getting any type of meat to fall off the bone just takes patience. The trick is to cook it for so long that the connective tissue just decides to give up and let go. That means you'll be cooking for eight or more hours at a low temperature. If you were just wanting to end … [Read more...]

Venison Recipes: How to Get the Gamey Taste Out of Venison

There's a trick to how to get the gamey taste out of venison There's a trick to getting the gamey taste out of venison and it's not as hard as you think. Nor does it particularly matter whether or not you've got a buck or a doe. In either case, the gamey taste must be removed. Otherwise, your wife will not want to eat it ever again. So here are a few steps to removing the gamey taste from venison. And remember this, when you buy steak in the grocery store, the beef you're buying was not from a cow that was alive earlier that morning. The cow was put down, prepared, and then hung in a cooler for a while. You know how you go to a fine restaurant and the menu says "prime aged beef?" Well, the aged part is what you're going to do with your venison. The simple steps to get the gamey taste out of venison Place the quartered deer into a large cooler. If you don't have a million dollar Yeti cooler, don't sweat it, no one does. Your Igloo will do fine. In fact, if you do have one, don't … [Read more...]