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Build a Fulcrum to Lift and Field Dress Your Deer

Deer fulcrum

A fulcrum can easily lift your deer for field dressing

Tired of using that stupid pulley system to lift your whitetail deer off the ground for field dressing? Well, say hello to my little friend.

A fulcrum can lift your deer right off the ground, or right out of the back of your pickup truck so that you can field dress it.

Lifting a deer with this fulcrum requires only sixty pounds of pressure to be able to lift a 220 lb. deer. Not bad. Oh wait. You say you’d rather take out that stupid pulley system that has that ridiculous, thin, nylon rope that bites into your hands every time you use it? Well have a good time there, mister. Meanwhile, I’ll casually back the truck up to the fulcrum, attach the gambrell, and gently hoist the deer up in the air just using one hand.

This fulcrum is made of the following:

  • Two 8 foot 2x4s
  • One 12 foot 4×4
  • One bag of dry cement
  • One large hook
  • One large bolt with nut
  • One 4 foot piece of rope
  • Two 2 foot pieces of chain
  • A few nails

You should be able to tell by the advanced schematic shown below how to put it together. I bought the plans from a guy I met at the bowling alley, who swore he had commissioned a guy from NASA to draw these based off of stolen plans for the Russian Soyuz Space Capsule. He said they were top secret, so don’t share this with anyone. He made me pinky-promise. If the enemy ever got a’hold of these plans, it would be bad. I hope you agree, the plans are awesome and were well worth the price. He was able to convert the space capsule plans into plans to build a deer fulcrum for rednecks, like me. Amazing.

You’ll dig a two foot hole, place the eight foot tall 2x4s in the hole, and fill with dry cement. You can either bring a massive bucket of water to pour over the cement, or you can just let this thing sit there until it rains. Either way, you’ll end up with hardened cement.

The bolt is placed around 5.5 to 6 feet off the ground. And, there’s around three feet of overhang of the 4×4 fulcrum arm.

In order to hold the fulcrum arm in place with the deer attached, you can either dig another hole in the ground at the back, and put a short post into cement, or you can use a heavy weight with some kind of hook in it.  In our case, we were too lazy to dig the second hole, so we shoved a big hook into a dry cement bag, and poured water all over it. The result was something much heavier than we needed to hook down the end of the fulcrum arm.

Just back your pickup truck up to the fulcrum, hook up the deer with your gambrell, hoist the deer, then pull your truck forward. If you need to haul the carcass away, when you’re almost done field dressing, back the truck up, and let the carcass fall back into the truck.

One other really nice thing about using a fulcrum for field dressing a deer is that the fulcrum arm will help hold the deer steady while you work. It won’t swing around the way it does when you use a pulley system. Enjoy.

Schematics for a deer fulcrum

Classified schematics for the Russian Soyuz capsule, improvised here to create a deer fulcrum

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