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How to Lock your Deerstand Ladder Using Plywood

Lock your deerstand ladder with a piece of plywood to prevent hillbillies from climbing up there and getting your deer

Deerstand ladder with locking door atached (click for larger view)

You’ve gotten permission from the land owner, scouted your area, and even put in a few hours of work building a nice little deerstand up in that maple tree.

In fact, you even banged your thumb with that gall-darn hammer in the process.

Anyway, it’s a few weeks before opening day of deer season and you are excited to return on the big day to sit in your new stand.

But when you return, something is amiss. The stand looks like someone else has been in it! And to make matters worse, there’s a shell casing on the ground. And it’s not your caliber! Someone has snuck onto this land and hunted from your deerstand without permission. And, they’ve harvested your deer! If only there was some way to lock a ladder stand….

The Problem with your Tree Stand Ladder

It doesn’t have to be this way. Locking a ladder stand is not impossible. It just takes a little thinking. If you lock your ladder, no one would be able to access it, except you.

Most of the time, us hunters want to lock our deer stands to prevent someone from either stealing them, or prevent someone from hunting out of them. After all, you’ve gone to all the trouble to build the thing and them some guy just walks right up the ladder and has the time of his life. A lot of us would lock our ladder stands from being able to be accessed if we knew a way. Depending on what type of ladder stand you have, there is a way; and it’s simple to implement.

How to Lock your Deerstand Ladder

Lock your deerstand ladder with a piece of plywood

The deerstand door pictured in the open position

If you have built a ladder that leads up to a stand, then you can protect access to your stand by blocking off the ladder. You do that by placing a large piece of plywood over the steps. If the steps are not accessible, it’s kind of hard to climb up the thing. Take a look at the pictures. You can see that all it takes is a piece of plywood hinged onto the ladder. The plywood swings like a door. Once closed, you can attach a padlock to the back side of the door. This fully blocks the offending redneck from being able to climb up the ladder and hunt from your stand.
The plywood needs to be tall. The piece pictured here is eight feet high and two and a half feet wide. The door is hinged on the ladder a few feet off of the ground. That means that a person standing on the ground would have to leap over ten feet in the air just to grab the top of the door. At that rate, they may as well have just leaped all the way up into the deerstand.



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