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Joby iPhone tripod to take videos of your deer hunts

For years, I’ve wanted to video my hunting experiences from the deer stand. It’s not an easy thing to do. It’s not as if I’m going to hold a video camera in one hand, and a rifle in the other (I don’t quite have the whole ‘one handed shoot from the hip thing’ down yet). So, the option that comes to mind is to get some kind of tripod thing that you can mount on your deerstand to hold your video camera. And then, the ultimate would be to have some kind of tripod mount thing that attaches onto your deer rifle. So, along comes the Joby GorillaPod tripod. The thing looks hilarious. It will hold your iphone, and can grip the railing of your deerstand, or of a nearby branch.

Joby hunting tripod for iphone

The Joby tripod can hold your iphone while gripping a branch or the rail of your deer stand

The legs of the tripod are bendable, and when I used mine, they gripped really tightly. This thing also solved the constant problem you have where after you’ve harvested a deer, you want to take a photo of yourself. But, as you well know, there’s never a place to set your camera or iphone in order to take the shot. And, what’s worse, your hunting partners are scorned and belittled by your incredible success, and thus, they’re no help either. This thing is great to get those shots set up too.

A Funny Warning

One funny warning though. I came up with the bright idea of attaching my Joby tripod to my rifle, and I pointed the iphone in the direction of the game. So, wherever I pointed the rifle, I could shoot video. The first (and only) time I tried this, I watched as a whitetail approached, then started the iphone video camera rolling. I aimed carefully and took the shot, the entire thing being captured on video. Hey, great! Well, one problem. I shoot a .270 and the recoil from that rifle caused the iphone to be bounced out of the Joby tripod iphone holder. So yes, you guessed it. I glance down at the Joby, which was tightly held in place on the rifle. I started to reach forward to turn off the video, but found the iphone was now comfortably resting twenty feet below me on the pine straw. Still videoing. It was a classic. I was lucky that the pine straw was deep, so the phone didnt break. It continued to take video for the next 45 minutes until I decided to get down from the climbing stand.

These things aren’t very expensive. You can check them out at Amazon.

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