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Clip-on Light for Hunting: The Larry Light

Larry Light

The Larry Light. The great light with the stupid name.

Yeah, I know, the Larry Light. I guess some guy named Larry invented this thing. Like every hunter wants to go up to his buddies and say, “hey, how do you like my Larry light?” Well, I guess it’s better than saying “my Linda Light.” That one, of course, might get you divorced, so be careful.

I might joke about the name, but I love this little pocket light. This thing doesn’t suck. It clips right onto the shirt pocket of my old-school woodland camo BDUs. Yeah, I know, no one wears old-school woodland camo BDUs. Maybe that’s why I’ll never stop wearing them.

This light is very bright. It’s excellent for walking out of the woods at night. You know what I’m talking about. It’s dark, things are going creepy crawly, and making all kinds of scary sounds, and there you are, just a wee little hunter with a high powered rifle in your hands, scared like a little girl. Well, you no longer have to hold a flashlight in one hand, and your rifle in the other.

And, it’s great for trailing your deer in the dark too. The light is bright, and very diffuse. It takes normal-person batteries too. That means you won’t be out looking for some special set of those stupid little button-batteries.

I bought mine at an Ace Hardware, but you can also get one on Amazon: Larry Light



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