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Bambi hunting? How my kids figured out hunting.

Bambi huntingWhen my kids were little, one thing I was concerned about was that although I would tell them I was a hunter, they didn’t really understand what that meant. And I wasn’t just hunting, I was Bambi hunting at that. I was afraid if I told them I hunted deer, and then they later watched the Disney movie Bambi, they would be horrified having finally understood that hunters kill deer. In my terms, we harvest deer, but that’s a story for another day.

Keep in mind we’re talking about two little girls who were growing up in the city. It’s not like we were out on the farm where harvesting animals is just a way of life. This is something they were not exposed to. The most they knew of deer hunting was simply that Papa goes away for a couple of days, and when he returns there is deer meat and ice in the cooler. It’s not like they’d be off at preschool and their friends would talk about how their dads went Bambi hunting too.

So then the day came when it was time to watch Disney’s Bambi. We sat down to watch it together as a family. How well do you remember the movie? You remember the scene where Bambi’s mom dies? Well, it unfolds like this. Bambi’s mom has finally taken him to the meadow. The big meadow where you can run and play with all the other deer. Deer are running and playing and having the best time. Bambi doesn’t understand the danger of being out in the open. Things are just fine; when all of a sudden, mom senses danger. The intensity of the music increases and all the deer start running! Bambi’s mom screams, “run Bambi, RUN!” Bambi and his mom go hightailing it for the woods.  “Run Bambi, to the thicket! Run!” The two are flying across the field now running for the thicket. “Keep running Bambi, run! RUN!” Then, …… a gunshot is heard. Bambi keeps running and running and arrives in the thicket. “We made it momma!, we made it ………… momma? ……….. momma?” No momma appears. The music changes to somber as Bambi starts to realize something has gone dreadfully wrong. There is no momma.

Bambi’s father comes forward and says in a sad tone “your mother cant be with you anymore Bambi.” It’s a very sad  moment. The mother is dead. Shot by those infernal hunters.

At this point, we hit the pause button on the movie so we can talk to the kids and see what they are thinking. Are they going to put two and two together and look at me with anger and sadness and say “Papa! How could you do such a thing!?”

So my wife quietly says to our four year old, “Sweet pea, where’s Bambi’s mom?”

In a matter-of-fact tone she looked back at the both of us with just a hint of disgust and replied, “oh, she’s in the cooler. Now can you press the play button already?”

So much for me worrying about my Bambi hunting.

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