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Snake Bite: Do You Need a Snake Bite Kit? Really?

Snake biteSnake Bite and Your Mother

For years, mothers have been telling us to watch out for  snake bites. Can’t you just hear her now? “Bring your snake bite kit with you, honey, on your little hunting trip….”.

But, for as many years, doctors have scoffed at our mothers, telling them the chances of receiving a bite are eeney-weeney. “Eeeney-weeney” is a medical term; I didn’t make it up. And, the  effectiveness of those old timey snake bite kits is terrible because, well, frankly, they sucked. Sucked as in they didn’t suck, or didn’t draw out any venom, anyway. Not to mention that in the old kits, the instructions said to take this little razor blade and slice yourself a few times first. Yeah, that sounds fun.

Today, things are different. Makes me glad I didn’t get bitten back in the 80’s.

A Snake Bite Kit that Works? No Way

But, apparently there’s a new-fangled kind of snake bite kit that your mother wants you to take a look at. But, before you bother reading the rest of this article, you may want to take a wee glance at the newscast below from WSFA in Montgomery, Alabama. This man did receive a snake bite, and it wasn’t pretty. A six foot rattler? Yikes.

Snake bite kit

Snake bite kit

So, if you don’t mind, go ahead and forward this page to your hunting friends. And hopefully, like you, I’m going to buy one of these things. At only around $10 for a snake bite kit that actually works, it ‘s worth it. They are available at Amazon by clicking the image to the left.


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