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Venison Recipes: A Great, Simple Venison Marinade

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Want your venison steaks to taste like real cow steaks? Well I can’t quite get you all the way there, but this will get you very close. Some people will have no idea they’re eating venison.


Age the meat

You want to impress your girlfriend? Don’t skip this step. Don’t know how to age venison? Read this article.


Dales venison marinade

Dales venison marinade. Believe me, it does not suck.

A very simple yet awesome marinade is to use Dales sauce.

Tenderize the steaks. I love to use a Jackard to do that
Add deer steaks to a ziplock bag.
Pour in a few tablespoons of Dales.
Add a couple of slices if fresh garlic.
Place in fridge for a half our or overnight.
Drain the excess and then lightly coat the steals with butter. Nothing tastes bad with butter on it.
Toss into a red hot grill, like a Komodo style grill, or sear the steaks with a cast iron skillet and cook as normal.


Jackard meat tenderizer

Jackard meat tenderizer for venison

Now, for the most important part. Don’t sit down at the dinner table all nice-like with a cloth napkin in your lap. No! This is venison man! Instead get out your steak knife and a fork and cut into it while its still on the grill, sizzling and piping hot. This is how men eat. Oh, and if you want to use your fingers, you can. Again, men – fire – food – good.

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